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So what is a Collaboration Lab? Simply put, Labs are 2 hour workshops that provide insight, learning and opportunities to develop understanding of a range of issues that impact organisation's customers and employees. These focused Labs bring together multiple components to dig deep into topics, with industry case studies, keynote talks, data insights, academic findings and peer-to-peer discussions and debates. Together, we can find the answers. Together, we can go further!

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Vulnerability Strategy Lab

1st July 2021 | 14.00 - 16.00


M&G Group

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On this Collaboration Lab, we will focus upon customer vulnerability and the strategic planning and operational changes undertaken by M&G Group to support their customers at risk of vulnerable situations. On this session we will be joined by Nicki Osbourne, Senior Customer Experience Manager & Customer Vulnerability Programme Lead at M&G Group. Nicki will provide a keynote talk and presentation on the work carried out by M&G Group over the past year to introduce new policies, programmes and safeguards for their most at-risk customers. There will also be facilitated breakout discussion groups with peers from across sectors to drill into this subject to share ideas and generate fresh thinking. Join this two hour workshop and be inspired to raise standards in support for vulnerable customers.

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