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So what is a Collaboration Lab? Simply put, Labs are 2 hour workshops that provide insight, learning and opportunities to develop understanding of a range of issues that impact organisation's customers and employees. These focused Labs bring together multiple components to dig deep into topics, with industry case studies, keynote talks, data insights, academic findings and peer-to-peer discussions and debates. Together, we can find the answers. Together, we can go further!

Group Discussion

Regulators Panel Discussion

19th August 2021 | 14.00 - 16.00

Utility Regulator
Lending Standards Board


Since November 2020, the Collaboration Network have been operating a series of Special Focus Groups across Energy, Water, Financial Services & Utilities in which customer vulnerability has been the central theme. On this Collaboration Lab, we will be running a Regulators Discuss Panel to dig into the findings from this focus group series and what impact this has for organisations.

We are delighted to have representatives from the FCA, Ofwat, Ofgem, Lending Standards Board, the Utility Regulator & UKRN.

This discussion panel will be led by Caroline Wells, the Collaboration Network's Regulated Markets Customer Service Expert.

This session will also include facilitated breakout discussion groups with peers from across sectors to discuss, share and debate a question posed by the UK Regulators Network.

Join us at this Lab to discuss and share ideas around best practice in vulnerability strategy and support across sectors.

Open Session