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The Collaboration Award

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The Collaboration Award is to recognise the organisation or organisations that have worked together, either across their organisation or between different entities to improve the situation for customers, colleagues or to better meet regulatory requirements. This could include simple initiatives like joining the collections department to the vulnerability register, through to multi party cross sector campaigns to government and everything in between.

Information for Submissions

Am I eligible to enter this award?

To enter the Collaboration Award, your organisation will need to have a membership with the Collaboration Network. If you and your organisation have a membership then you are eligible to enter and we welcome your submission.

Is there a cost to enter this award?

No, these awards are completely free to enter for Members to recognise their brilliant achievements. 

How do we enter The Collaboration Award?

To enter a submission for this award you will need to submit a video presentation that builds on the criteria outlined below, which will be based on a scoring system. The presentation can be up to 20 minutes in length, with one or more of your team presenting.

Do we need to submit a written submission too?

No.There is no written submission necessary, only a video presentation submission.

Can you host us to record the presentation submission?

Yes. You can either record your presentation via your own choice of platform (Zoom, Teams, etc.) and send this to us, or alternatively, we can host you to record your session via the Collaboration Network team at a time of convenience. If you would like us to organise this for you, just get in touch

What happens if we are shortlisted?

Shortlisted submissions will be invited to participate in a Q&A with the Judging Panel (see below) throughout July and August. The judges will then factor the scores for each presentation alongside the information, insight and context shared via the Q&A discussions which will help determine the winner. 

What are the timelines for the awards?

Award entries are open now, with the deadline for submissions being 15th June 2023. Shortlisted entries will be invited to a Judges Q&A session online throughout July and August.

The winners will be announced and presented with their award on 12th October 2023 at the Birmingham Conference & Awards Ceremony.

Great, how do we get started?

To get started, simply click below to confirm your intention to submit an entry to this award category. We can then help support you with your award submission and provide any additional guidance and support where appropriate.

Criteria for Award Submission

The Collaboration Award


For your 20 minute presentation we will be scoring based on the following areas and criteria. We need to know about your organisation, the problem you faced, how you dealt with it, what your actions achieved, what was particularly rewarding, exciting or enlightening resulting from your actions, and what legacy has it left.


What is your business background and context – 5 marks

  • Introduce your organisation, customers served, key facts you would like to share and your part/role within the organisation, individually and as a team.


What was the challenge that needed to be met – 10 marks

  • How was collaboration either internally or externally required to solve a problem or to make improvements for your business and your customers? Tell us about the problem you were faced with, how it arose/was identified, who challenged you to fix it, and measurements of the size of the challenge. What led to the collaboration initiative in the first place?

What did you do? – 20 marks

  • Outline the story of what you undertook to meet the challenge above, who you worked with to achieve it (internal and external) and how you did it. How did you work in collaboration? What was the practical approach?


What were the outcomes? – 20 marks

  • What were the metrics as you measure them?

  • Who was affected? Staff, management, customers, sub-sets of customers, third parties, regulators, the public?

  • Did you adopt new technology, ways of working, staff support mechanisms, training & development, etc

  • Has this collaboration led to successful changes and outcomes?


What made it a success? – 20 marks

  • What did the outcomes lead to?

  • What improvements have you seen (qualitative and quantitate examples)?

  • How did this success impact those you collaborated with?


What was the WOW factor? – 15 marks

  • What do you believe makes your collaboration initiative special and unique?

  • How was it innovative?


What are you going to do next? – 10 marks

  • Following your successes, where is this going to lead?

  • What ongoing differences has it made?

The Judging Panel

Nic Dent circle.png

Nic Dent


David Murphy email circle.png

David Murphy

Reach Out

Sue Jackson circle.png

Sue Jackson


Duncan email circle.png

Duncan McCombie

YES Energy Solutions

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