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Culture Training Series

With Elev-8 Performance

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2022 sees the launch of an exciting new programme for the Collaboration Network in partnership with Elev-8 Performance. We are committed to helping our Members get to the answers faster and as a part of this we want to support your development.


This series of events which will run throughout 2022 is designed to develop your leadership potential and to help you understand your role in your team to lead cultural change. This is for everyone, not just those currently in leadership roles.


When leaders get team climate right, you’ll find that culture and results are transformed. 

People work for teams, real teams and that’s where the magic happens.

The job is to create a local team climate that cultivates psychological safety, trust and accountable freedom. 

The focus must be on developing people’s strengths, valuing their ideas and input, and welcoming new perspectives. 

It’s about great dialogue, setting the tone, leading with clarity and removing barriers to success.

What teams do, and how they work together is what delivers success.

We strongly believe that businesses don’t transform. People do. 


“You manage things and tasks. You lead people”

Business People Applauding

Building a Narrative

Team Climate

Story Telling


Reframe Thinking

Role Modelling

Symbolic Behaviour

Permission Culture

Evaluate Performance

Remove Barriers

Create Change

Drive Performance

Encourage Conversation

Coach for Performance

Be the Change

Feel the Difference

Business Plan
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