Training Schedule

A range of training sessions are available through the Collaboration Network's team of experts.

This includes impactful issues such as customer vulnerability, complaints handling, mental health and customer experience.

Training & Workshops

  • Managing Suicidal Customer Conversations

    19th November

    Helen Pettifer

    Helen Pettifer Training

    Online training course to increase awareness and understanding of emotionally difficult conversations with customers

    Learning Objectives

    • Understand the importance and role of listening and responding empathetically

    • Build a toolkit of questions and responses and know when and how to use them

    • Know how to respond in an emergency during the conversation

    • Recognise the signs of personal emotional and mental fatigue

    • Identify a range of practical steps to build resilience


    Course Content

    • Talking about suicide

    • Empathetic responses including S.H.U.S.H

    • How to respond in an emergency

    • Empathy fatigue

    • Mental resilience

    • Physical well-being


    09.00 - 12.00



  • Complaint Handling Workshop Series

    Available to Schedule

    Sarah Lawrence

    Caroline Wells

    Handling Complaints through Covid with CWSL Training

    CWSL are offering a new series of workshops to be run in-house for firms covering Complaints

    Course 1

    Handling complaints through Covid-19 – Understanding consumer behaviour and what that means for us today

    Course 2

    Handling complaints through Covid-19 – Engaging with the ombudsman

    Course 3

    Complaints handling through Covid–19 – Ensuring your teams handle complaints for today’s customer

    Price for members: 


    One session: £950.00

    Two sessions: £1,800.00

    Three sessions: £2,550.00


    Price for non-members:


    One session: £1,050.00

    Two sessions: £2,000.00

    Signing up to all three: £3,000

    Up to 12 people for each session

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