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Collaboration Solves the Puzzle

Author: Will Archer

Just as no puzzle is solved with a single piece, the biggest problems we face today cannot be solved in isolation. From COVID-19 to climate change, the need for cooperation and collaboration is greater than ever before.  

There will always be challenges that are unique to your industry, but the solutions are not. More than ever, leaders are finding ways to work with others outside their industry to supercharge business and improve relations with key stakeholders in their organisation.  

In a complicated world we have two choices: see the world in simple terms, or take the complex view. As solution seekers, we can either focus on one part of a problem and deal with just that part, or we can engage with multiple stakeholders to create comprehensive solutions that draw on multiple resources and expertise. 

While the former approach can be an effective way to immediately address short-term issues and small scale challenges, the latter has the greatest potential for affecting changes that are sustainable and achieved at scale. 

In 2020, the problems we face are neither short-term nor small. 

Whether it's a matter of policy, international trade, public health, technology or environment; our world is changing fast and it is going to affect your business, your employees, your customers and your future. 

At the Collaboration Network we believe in the power of people working together: across sectors, across disciplines and around the world. That's why we have crafted an innovative series of free-to-join open webinars and reports taking place throughout the summer with leading industry experts from across sectors to help you get the insight you need to affect big change. 

Our mission is to bring together some of the leading experts, thinkers and influencers so that you don't have to rely on your knowledge alone—that single piece of the puzzle—but can draw upon the experience and insights of your peers, so we can all paint a complete picture of where we are today and where we need to be tomorrow. 

Together, we can go further.

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