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Collaboration Network Awards


Exclusive to Collaboration Network Members | Free to Enter

The Collaboration Network Awards is an exclusive programme from the Collaboration Network that is free for our Members to enter. Entries for each submission are now open and the winners will be announced at the Birmingham Conference & Awards Ceremony taking place on 12th October 2023.

Members can submit entries in the below categories with entry closing on 15th June 2023. Shortlisted submissions will be invited to participate in a Q&A with the judges in July and August 2023.

Recognising Member Success

The Collaboration Network has brought people together from different sectors to deal with the challenges facing customers, colleagues and in dealing with changing regulatory requirements. In very trying times for all of us, we remain amazed by the commitment, quality and great examples of successful initiatives that are shared by the Members of the Network. It is on this basis that we have decided to expand the Collaboration Network Awards, providing an opportunity to share and celebrate the achievements and successes of our Members in key areas in supporting customers and colleagues and how they are approaching regulatory compliance.


These awards are exclusive to Members and there is no cost for entry or for the trophies. The awards ceremony will be held at the Birmingham Collaboration Conference on 12th October 2023.

The 2023 Award Categories

Award Logos - complaints .png

The Complaints Award

Award Logos - Interpretation of Regulation.png

Interpretation of Regulation Award

Award Logos - Customer Service Improvement.png

Customer Service Improvement Award

Award Logos - Vulnerability.png

The Vulnerability Award

Award Logos - Culture & Inclusion.png

The Culture

& Inclusion Award

Award Logos - Staff Retention.png

The Staff Retention Award

Award Logos - Collaboration.png

The Collaboration Award

Award Logos - Best Customer Service Team.png

Best Customer Service Team Award

Award Logos - re-invention.png


Re-Invention Award

Our Judges

How to Enter

As we understand the time and work pressures facing our Members, we are looking to make the process of entering the awards as straightforward as possible and aligned to our digital-first approach. We are inviting entrants to submit a 20 minute presentation recorded on video, Zoom, Teams, etc. We are more than happy to facilitate this for you in Zoom if this would help (just make a request). 

You are able to enter as many awards as you wish. Judging will be undertaken by a panel of your peers and industry experts (if their organisation is entering an award they will not be able to see any entries in their chosen categories and they will not be judging these categories).

Based on the scoring criteria for each award, we will then shortlist the entries and invite you to attend one of two Judging Q&A sessions in July and August. After this the final scores will be collated, with the winners announced and presented in person at the Birmingham Collaboration Conference on 12th October. 

We will be holding awards in 9 categories:

•    The Complaints Award
•    The Collaboration Award
•    The Customer Service Improvement Award
•    The Vulnerability Award
•    The Interpretation of Regulation Award
•    The Best Customer Service Team Award
•    The Re-Invention Award
•    The Culture and Inclusion Award
•    The Customer Services Staff Retention Award



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